Designed for Success: 5 Tips to Optimize Your First 30 Days

Published Nov. 21, 2023 4 Min. Read

Welcome to Design Pickle! We’re thrilled to be your creative partner. Let’s explore ways to optimize your subscription during your first 30 days together.

1. Schedule an Onboarding Meeting

Speaking on behalf of the Design Pickle Client Success Team, we genuinely enjoy interacting with our valued clients. We are your dedicated internal advocates, eager to build upon successes and facilitate improvements. A crucial initial step for success is attending an onboarding meeting, so we can not only get to know you, your team, and your goals, but also share best practices for using the Design Pickle Platform, demonstrate our design annotation and AI tools, provide an overview of our workflow, and most importantly, answer any questions. (We pinky promise to keep it brief, unless, of course, you want to dive deeper. Lookin’ at you, Midwestern friends!)

Pro tip: Have regular partnership sync meetings with your Customer Success Manager (CSM). After onboarding, scheduling standing meetings with you CSM allows protected time to discuss design quality and output, share new ideas, preview platform updates, and more. Enabling your CSM to be proactive instead of reactive to your design needs helps us anticipate how to help you achieve success.

2. Build Out Your Brand Profile

Few things make me happier (well, maybe second only to sushi) than reviewing a client’s comprehensive brand profile within the Design Pickle Platform. To ensure we create designs that align with your brand’s look and feel (and your vision), we recommend including branding guidelines, logos (high-resolution), fonts, brand colors/color palette, and design inspiration. Extra kudos for sharing previously created collateral or mood boards. The payoff for your efforts? Fewer layout revisions and designs that matches your brand from the get-go.

Pro tip: If you don’t have branding assets, don’t worry. You can mention font and color preferences in your request, as well as upload design inspiration directly to your request. Learn more here.

3. Map Out Your Requests for the Month

Keeping your Design Pickle queue full of requests is the best way to optimize the benefits of a flat-rate subscription model. For example, with one subscription:

  • After an internal planning or team all-hands meeting, set aside time to add your design requests to the Platform.
  • Have at least one project for your designer to work on every day.
  • Click, drag, and drop to prioritize your queue.

Pro tip: End your day by prioritizing the queue for the following day. If you submit 5 requests at the same time, the 1st priority request will get worked on first, followed by the 2nd priority, and so on. Revisions for the 1st priority request will also get priority by default, too.

4. Try All Request Type

While you might be in a groove with graphic design, you’ll maximize your subscription by exploring a variety of request types. At Design Pickle, we offer everything from Graphic Design to Video Editing (for Power Plans only). Has your client requested a whimsical cartoon-style for an infographics? A custom illustrator will be your new BFF. Is it time (gentle nudge, it is) to enhance your presentation decks with eye-catching graphic treatments? Let your Design Pickle designer work their PowerPoint magic. And, for Premium subscribers, once you add motion to your media or ads, you’ll never go back to static. From enhanced GIFs and graphic loops to animated explainers and ads, watch your engagement rate soar.

Pro tip: If you have a multi-request project, such as, designing a business card with a new logo, allow additional time for creative development and feedback. We will start by creating the logo, as it’s the centerpiece asset. Upon logo approval, we will proceed to designing the business card.

5. Rate Your Requests

After you complete a request, share your feedback within the Platform. Tell us what went well, enabling us to strengthen our work, and also offer candid feedback on areas for improvement. If you have any initial hesitation about providing constructive comments because you don’t want to hurt your designer’s feelings, rest assured we highly encourage and appreciate straightforward feedback!

Pro tip:Your designer wants to know how to improve and hit the mark for your brand every time, so giving actionable, direct and precise feedback will help you keep things moving smoothly from request to v-final. Plus, you can always leverage our built-in annotation tools and AI to expedite your revision process.

Let’s put these ideas in action! Meet with a Customer Success Manager today.

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